2019 Grammys

John Daversa

Congratulations to brother John Daversa, master of the long game and constant inspiration – on 3 Grammy wins Sunday! Congrats as well to producers Kabir Sehgal and Doug Davis, and to the incredible folks at BFM Jazz – Michele Ito, Steve Corn, and Steven Weber (who had the initial vision to create a project that raised both the consciousness and the conversation around the plight of Dreamers in this country).

I’m so proud of the 50+ Dreamers who had the courage to come forward and share their gifts and personal struggle, it was an honor to meet all of you and work together on this project – all winners in my book!

As always….awesome to do this with Bishop Gene Coye, Dr. Paul Young and the rest of the Miami crew, y’all are just phenomenal musicians. This is shared with all my friends amazing Daversa LA band, who have been there from the beginning?

Special shout out to brothers Kevin Dukes and Jon Gilutin for additional engineering/production/counseling, you guys are champs!!

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